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Our Super Inexpensive Kitchen Update

As we all know, in 2020 time has lost all meaning. So, somehow, the first big project that we wanted to do in our first year in our home took longer than a year to start and longer than a month to complete. But after all that time? It was totally worth it. Our super inexpensive kitchen update boils down to a little bit of wood, new hardware, and lots of paint.  Before As a quick refresher, this is what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in. It's a pretty decent size, all things considered, but it's dark, dingy looking, and definitely not our style. Oh and the cabinets smelled. Literally, they stank.  The cabinets were obviously made by a contractor or the original homeowner when the house was built in the 70's. We know this because they're made from actual wood (not MDF) and not one single cabinet door, shelf, or drawer was precisely the same size as another. These little differences aren't obvious unless you're literally inspecting down to an eighth of

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