About Us

Black and white couple kiss forehead cypress street home

Oh hey!

We're Allison and Dave and we bought our first home together in September 2019. Our days in New Orleans are (mostly) over and we've moved to a small town in Northern Louisiana. We're here to document the process of updating and living in our little 1970s ranch style house! To be fair, it's mostly going to be Allison doing the documenting, but promise Dave is involved too.

So let's see, what are the basics you'll want to know?

  • We've been a couple for nearly ten years but just got married a year ago.
  • Before buying our home we rented an old apartment in New Orleans, it was something of a love-hate relationship. Big beautiful windows! Tall ceilings! Foundation problems! Underperforming AC!
  • Allison works in marketing from home, Dave is an archaeologist and is working on getting his PhD. 
  • As this is our first home it's going to be a learning experience. Also because it's our first home we'll be making updates to make it more our style.
  • The house was built in the early 1970s and a lot of it has not been updated since then (hence the updates).
You can follow along in real-time on our Cypress Street Home Instagram account, and you can see more glamour shots of our Snowshoe Siamese cat, Jack, on his Instagram that Dave runs.